Nike Roshe Run 2014 Commemorative Green Monday Sales

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Supreme has become so synonymous with streetwear and hypebeasts that people tend to forget that it's still actually a skateboarding brand. If it weren't for the handful of decks and shit available, you might just think it's cool guy clothing. Well, it once again teamed up with truck purveyor Independent for a small capsule collection to remind you of their roots. In my whole month as a skateboarder in middle school, I remember that you weren't real unless your board had Independent trucks. Naturally, I had, like, Krux or some shit, so I was branded a total grom and ostracized from the squad as we tried to grind the one curb in the neighborhood coated with wax. None of us could kickflip, obviously. Anyway, the Supreme x Independent quilted jackets, sweaters, hoodies, tees and hats drop this Thursday, October 15th, in New York, L.A. and London, and on the 17th in Japan. FUCK THE REST ? If by the rest, you mean your mom and dad because your parents are gonna absolutely hate this shit.

Nike Roshe Run 2014 Commemorative Green Monday Sales, Nike Air Max 2015, [ Photos via Supreme ]