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The New Yorker went ahead and profiled Balmain's creative director wunderkind Olivier Rousteing . Like all? New Yorker pieces, it's very long and in-depth, focused mostly on the time from when Rousteing presented the house's F/W 15 collection back in March and his obsession and carousing with the celebrities he gets into his designs.

Nike Kobe 8 Green Monday Sales, We know Balmain and Rousteing regularly come with some pretty over-the-top designs. The upcoming H&M collaboration looks to be no different and the fact that they're regularly found on the bodies of the Kardashian-Jenners has some of the fashion Illuminati in a bit of a huff, it seems. The piece describes it as such:

Rousteing, with his bedazzled clothes and his embrace of reality-TV stars, represents not just a threat to the tradition of French couture but the advent of a vulgar age. Rousteing, faced with this kind of criticism, says that he is bringing high fashion into the twenty-first centuryˇXin his designs, which he describes as clothing for a ˇ§glamour armyˇ¨ of sexually confident young people, and also by erasing the distinction between luxury and popular culture.

Nike Kobe 8 Green Monday Sales We can't necessarily disagree with him. It's really just a point that a lot of people aren't too fond of including Four Pins favorite Cathy Horyn . In the piece it seemed that Rousteing was initially very excited?to see the responses and reviews of his show, but then he also says, in reference to making fashion for his million-plus audience on Instagram, I can speak straight to my Balmain army, instantly, and I am making fashion for them. It is too bad for critics if they cannot understand this, but the truth is now that their critiques do not matter. He then leaves it open to interpretation about whether he'd rather have a critic or celebrity in the front row.

Right now, I'd probably have to side with Olivier. It's more important to get celebrities into your clothing than cater to critics. The former affects sales more, which is the ultimate goal at the end of the day for any creative director trying to keep their job. People have to want to buy and wear the clothes and, honestly, most critics just aren't going to turn the tide for consumers. This is 2015 and, if anyone can, it's a famous person. That's just fact.

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