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Common Projects is everywhere. It・s no secret that the $400-a-pair sneakers have slowly made their way into the mainstream with no signs of slowing down. Founders Flavio Girolami and Peter Poopat recently sat down with The New York Times and offered a rare look into how they built their brand.

Nike KD Outdoor Sandals Green Monday Sales, According to Poopat , Common Projects brought in $10 million in revenue last year and employs six people between two offices in New York and San Benedetto del Tronto , Italy. :We try to stay quiet and let the brand speak for itself,; Girolami said.

The owners revealed that the brand has never advertised or held an event to support a product release. Perhaps it・s their aversion to marketing that・s given Common Projects its cult following within the world of fashion. And both owners are perfectly fine with where their beloved brand sits. :Yes, we could have grown faster and become bigger,; said Girolami . :But you know what? We・re happy exactly where we are.;

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