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Joakim Levin is sitting in a conference room in Nudie Jeansˇ¦ headquarters in Göteborg, a small city in Sweden where the denim brand was founded. The spaceˇXan old bankˇXreminds me of the New York Public Library: high ceilings, marble floors, dark wood furniture. Levin, whoˇ¦s dressed in a grey T-shirt, a newspaper boy cap, and black Nudie jeans is telling me about the first Nudie repair shop heˇ¦s opening in New York City this year. ˇ§This is a big thing for us,ˇ¨ he says.

Nike Football Boots Green Monday Sales, Nike Air Max 90 VT Womens, Levin, the companyˇ¦s chairman, ?has worked at Nudie since he founded it with Maria Erixon in 2001. In the 14 years since, Nudie has remained nicheˇXˇ¨Weˇ¦ve always been, and weˇ¦ve always in many ways wanted to be,ˇ¨ he saysˇXbut Levin wants to widen the brandˇ¦s reach. The repair shops and repair service offered at the stores help, he says, but even he will admit that Nudieˇ¦s success all starts with one thing: raw denim.