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I know that shopping has changed a lot in the past few years, but?I never thought that?people would be buying things out of the trunk of a car that weren't clearly illegal. But a New York company called Bookatailor is making it rain by dispatching cars around New York City, parking them and just waiting for dudes who need suits to come through.

Nike Air Max Thea Print Green Monday Sales, Apparently, it's been working. This small fleet of Smart cars has gotten their fair share of customers who are willing not just to plunk down the cash, but get measured right there on the street. After they're measured, orders are sent directly to Thailand where the sutis are made and shipped to the customer within a month. Bookatailor has been around since 2012, but the car fleet?was added only a couple months ago in New York, D.C. and Miami to recruit new customers. It's been so successful that Bookatailor is already looking to expand. It's like the fucking Geek Squad for suited and booted white collar guys. Bookatailor is even parking itself outside places like Bloomingdale's to see if they can poach customers.

I can only imagine the interaction that leads to someone getting fitted for a suit on the streets of New York as a dude walks by, looking a bit skeptical before a dapper salesman pops out and says under his breath something like, Hey, man. You looking for that good shit? You're not going to find it in there *gestures to store*. Peep the trunk.

Nike Air Max 1, Nike Air Max Thea Print Green Monday Sales [ Photo via Bookatailor/Instagram ]