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Nike Air Max 180, Dries' Vince parka (available in navy and bordeaux ) has a big ass pocket on the chest that you won't ever use after the one time you put your phone inside there and realize despite having a phone that's the size of your face, it takes an embarrassing amount of time to root around inside your pocket to find said phone just so you can text someone so that now you both have each other's numbers. One of your more annoying friends will be confused like like, What's with all the fur in your wardrobe these days? You just stopped considering the welfare of animals all of a sudden? But with this parka, you can be like, IT'S 100% POLYESTER, STEPHANIE. HOW ABOUT YOU STOP EATING CHICKEN NUGGETS IRONICALLY BEFORE YOU WORRY ABOUT WHAT THE FUCK I'M WEARING. I DIDN'T WEAR DRIES TO DEAL WITH THIS. GO SIT OVER THERE AND EAT BRUNCH BY YOURSELF.

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