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Rick Owens's newest store just opened in Los Angeles today and it's sort of a homecoming for Rick, who grew up about two and a half hours away in Porterville, CA. The new spot, which used to be a ribbon factory, is mostly concrete and outfitted with some weird shit like a fog wall that fills with a billowing ejaculation of smoke every 5 minutes ĦXRick's words, not mineĦXand a floor-to-ceiling tank filled with water that releases bubbles.? Details spoke with Rick about the new store and a bunch of other stuff. ALERT: AMAZING RICK QUOTES INCOMING!

Nike Air Jordan 13 Green Monday Sales, Turns out that Rick is super involved in all the stores that bear his name, looking at floor plans in-depth and testing out the scale and proportion in his Paris studio with prototypes of the spaces. And even if he hasn't been to the new L.A. store in person, he has licked every square inch conceptually. Anyone else shiver just now?

He also talks about his runway shows , which are always buzzed about during Fashion Week, but the kicker comes when he mentions how the location of the L.A. store, on LaBrea, is down the street from a Mexican drag bar named Plaza that he spent a lot of time at in his 20s: I remember getting kicked out for having sex with someone under the table ... do people do that anymore? Nope, that's reserved for certified legends like you, Rick.

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