Nike Air Jordan 1 Green Monday Sales

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It's been a minute since we've heard from Aime Leon Dore, but the brand is back with a super clean capsule collection to seamlessly roll you into the weekend. Limited to a pack of crewnecks and turtlenecks done in navy and white, it's ultra simple, but super attractive. As you can always expect from Teddy Santis and ALD, the branding is wildly on point. The ALD. ?print across?the chest is something special even though it's just three letters in a rowˇX maybe you've even seen this font before . Adding the period in there at the end is really a nice touch and guarantees someone asking you where you got your sweatshirt when you wear it out.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Green Monday Sales, Nike Air Max 90 Running, All the pieces are made-to-order right here in New York City and you can pick them up? direct from ALD right now ?for some highly reasonable prices. They'll be at your door in 3-5 weeks once they roll off the production line. Simple as that.